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4/26/20243 min read

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The problem that "You Can Heal Your Life" addresses is the feeling of stagnation and inability to bring about positive changes in your life. By applying the principles and techniques in this book, you can experience profound transformation and free yourself from limiting thoughts and emotions.

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/Bol.com/ The Wild Egde of Sorrow

Francis Weller



/Bol.com/ The Wild Egde of Sorrow

Francis Weller




Renowned psychotherapist Francis Weller provides an essential guide to navigating the deep waters of grief and loss in this lyrical yet practical manual for mastering the art of mourning. He describes how Western patterns of amnesia and numbing affect our ability to deal with personal and collective sorrow, and reveals the new vitality we can encounter when we welcome the pain of loss instead of fearing it. Through poignant personal stories, poetry, and insightful reflections, he leads us to the central energy of sorrow and to the profound healing and heightened community with each other and our planet that lies alongside it.

"The Wild Edge of Sorrow" explains that grief has always been communal and illustrates how we need the healing touch of others, an atmosphere of compassion, and the comfort of rituals to fully process our sorrow. Weller describes how we often hide our pain from the world, wrapping it in a mysterious cloak of shame. This causes grief to linger unspoken in our bodies, dragging us down and leading us into the realm of depression and death. We have become afraid of grief and feel too alone to engage with its powerful energies.

Those who work with people in grief, who have experienced the loss of a loved one, who mourn the ongoing destruction of our planet, or who suffer from the accumulated traumas of a lifetime will appreciate the discussion of obstacles to successful mourning, such as privatized pain, lack of communal rituals, a pervasive sense of fear, and a culturally limited range of emotions. Weller emphasizes the intimate bond between grief and gratitude, grief and intimacy. In addition to showing that the greatest gifts are often hidden in the things we avoid, he offers powerful tools and rituals and a list of resources to help us transform grief into a force that enables us to live and love more fully.

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