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4/26/20242 min read

Are you tired of constantly saying yes to things you don't want to do, simply because you're afraid of disappointing others or feeling guilty? Do you find it challenging to assert yourself and set boundaries in your personal and professional life? If so, you're not alone. Many people struggle with people-pleasing tendencies, which can lead to stress, resentment, and burnout.

But there's a solution: "When I Say No, I Feel Guilty" by Manuel Smith offers practical guidance on how to overcome these challenges using the skills of systematic assertive therapy. This book provides valuable insights and techniques to help you confidently express your needs and desires, say no when necessary, and cultivate healthier relationships based on mutual respect and understanding.

Whether you struggle with setting boundaries at work, with family, or in social situations, this book equips you with the tools you need to assert yourself effectively and improve your overall well-being. Say goodbye to guilt and hello to empowerment with "When I Say No, I Feel Guilty." Available now on Bol.com.

/Bol.com/ When I Say No I Feel Guilty

Manuel Smith



/Bol.com/ When I Say No I Feel Guilty

Manuel Smith




The bestseller that helps you say: "I just said 'no' and I don't feel guilty!" Are you letting your kids get away with murder? Are you allowing your mother-in-law to impose her will on you? Are you embarrassed by praise or crushed by criticism? Are you having trouble coping with people? Discover the answers in "When I Say No, I Feel Guilty," the bestseller with revolutionary new techniques for getting your own way.

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