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4/26/20242 min read

Discover the hidden power of stress with "The Upside of Stress" by Kelly McGonigal. This book offers a fresh perspective on stress, viewing it not only as negative but also as a potential source of growth and resilience. Stress can be a driver for performance and personal development, and this book shows you how to harness stress to your advantage.

If you struggle with coping with stress or feel overwhelmed by it, this book provides valuable insights and practical strategies to change your relationship with stress. Discover how to embrace stress, build resilience, and make positive changes in your life.

Whether you're grappling with work-related stress, personal challenges, or simply seeking more resilience in life, "The Upside of Stress" offers an enlightening and empowering approach to stress management. It's time to stop seeing stress as an enemy and start seeing it as an ally on your journey to personal growth and well-being.

/Bol.com/ The Upside Of Stress

Kelly Mcgonigal



/Bol.com/ The Upside Of Stress

Kelly Mcgonigal




"The author of The Willpower Instinct delivers a controversial and groundbreaking new book that overturns long-held beliefs about stress. More than thirty-four percent of Americans admit to losing sleep over stress. And while most of us do everything we can to reduce it, Stanford psychologist and bestselling author Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D., delivers a surprising message: Stress is not bad. In The Upside of Stress, McGonigal emphasizes new research indicating that stress can actually make us stronger, smarter, and happier - if we learn how to embrace it. The Upside of Stress is the first book to bring together cutting-edge discoveries about the correlation between resilience - the human capacity for stress-related growth - and mindset, the power of beliefs to shape reality. As she did in The Willpower Instinct, McGonigal combines science, storytelling, and exercises into an engaging and practical book that is both entertaining and life-changing. She shows: how to cultivate a mindset to embrace stress, how stress can provide focus and energy, how stress can help people connect and strengthen close relationships, why your brain is built to learn from stress, and how to increase your brain's ability to learn from challenging experiences. McGonigal's TED talk on this topic has already received over 7 million views. Her message resonates with people who know they cannot eliminate stress from their lives and want to learn how to make use of it. The Upside of Stress is not a guide to getting rid of stress, but a guide to getting better at stress, by understanding it, embracing it, and using it."

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