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2/22/20242 min read

Gum HaliControl Tongue Cleaner - Unleash Fresh Breath and Boost Your Oral Hygiene!

Unpleasant breath and bacteria buildup on the tongue, leading to bad breath and a diminished sense of oral hygiene.

Are you struggling with unpleasant breath and the feeling that your tongue is a breeding ground for bacteria, leading to a diminished sense of oral hygiene? Discover the ultimate solution!

Why Gum HaliControl Tongue Cleaner is your ideal choice:

1. Triangular Shape for Effective Cleaning: Reach all corners of the tongue for thorough cleaning.

2. Removes Bacteria and Debris: Effectively removes bacteria and debris for a fresh mouth.

3. Soft and Comfortable Design: Experience ease of use with the soft and comfortable design.

4. Reduces Unpleasant Breath: Promotes fresh breath by reducing the buildup of bacteria.

5. Part of a Complete Oral Care Routine: Integrate the tongue cleaner into your daily routine for comprehensive oral care.

Order the Gum HaliControl Tongue Cleaner from Pharma Market now and discover the power of a clean tongue for a long-lasting fresh feeling in your mouth.

Don't let unpleasant breath and bacterial buildup on the tongue affect your confidence - choose the Gum HaliControl Tongue Cleaner and experience renewed oral hygiene!

/Pharma Market/ Tongue Cleaner

Gun HaliControl

Gum HaliControl Tongue Cleaner

€ 4,28

GUM® HaliControl® Tongue Scraper - Dual Action for Fresh Breath!

Product Description:

Do you suffer from bad breath? The GUM® HaliControl® Tongue Scraper, specially designed to combat halitosis, provides the solution you are looking for. With its dual action, this tongue scraper effectively removes the bacteria that cause bad breath from the tongue. Use it in the morning after brushing your teeth, along with a pea-sized amount of toothpaste, for complete oral care.


1. 2 in 1: Brush and Scraper: Combines brush and scrape functions for effective cleaning.

2. Removes Bacteria for Fresh Breath: Eliminates bacteria on the tongue and promotes long-lasting fresh breath.

3. Ergonomic Handle for Easy Use: Designed for comfortable and easy use.

4. Narrow Head to Limit Gag Reflex: Minimizes discomfort during use.

Feel confident with fresh breath - choose the GUM® HaliControl® Tongue Scraper for complete oral hygiene!

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