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2/22/20242 min read

Discover the Ultimate Comfort in Ear Hygiene with Quies Ear Cleaner, Now Available at Pharma Market!

Say goodbye to uncomfortable earwax hindering your hearing. Traditional cleaning methods can sometimes be insufficient and cause discomfort.

Quies Ear Cleaner

Revolutionize your ear hygiene with Quies Ear Cleaner! This innovative ear cleaner offers an effective and comfortable solution for cleaning your ears, without the discomforts of traditional methods.

Why Choose Quies Ear Cleaner?

- Gentle and safe ear cleaning.

- Unique design for efficient earwax removal.

- Prevents pushing earwax deeper into the ear canal.

- Comfortable and easy to use.

- Suitable for regular maintenance of clean and healthy ears.

Action Alert! Order Quies Ear Cleaner (1 piece) now at Pharma Market and discover a comfortable and effective way to keep your ears clean.

Don't let uncomfortable earwax be a hindrance any longer – choose Quies Ear Cleaner and enjoy carefree ear hygiene!

/Pharma Market/ Ear Cleaner


Quies Ear Cleaner| 1 piece

€ 9,46

Product Description:


Quies Ear Cleaner, a washable and reusable ear cleaner made of stainless steel, is designed to gently and effectively remove earwax and impurities from the outer ear canal. With flexible loops, this ear cleaner provides an innovative solution inspired by Asian hygiene and beauty rituals.

- Gentle Cleaning: Ensures a mild cleaning without the risk of damage.

- Inspired by Asian Hygiene and Beauty Rituals: Combines traditional wisdom with modern functionality.

- Simple and Effective: A convenient and effective tool for daily ear hygiene.

- Ecological Alternative to Cotton Swabs: Reduces waste and promotes sustainability.


Suitable for children aged 5 and above.

Introduce yourself to the Quies Ear Cleaner – the smart and sustainable choice for careful ear hygiene inspired by age-old traditions. 🌿👂

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