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2/22/20242 min read

Awaken with Radiant Skin: Skin Recovering Silk Sleep Mask - Charcoal! ✨

Sleep Issues and Stressed Skin

Do you feel the effects of poor sleep on your skin? Are you noticing signs of fatigue and stress? Let the Skin Recovering Silk Sleep Mask - Charcoal be your secret weapon for a good night's sleep and radiant skin!

Why choose the Skin Recovering Silk Sleep Mask - Charcoal?

1. Silky Comfort: Experience ultimate comfort with silky-smooth material during your sleep.

2. Charcoal Detox: The power of charcoal helps detoxify and revitalize your skin while you rest.

3. Reduces Fatigue: Say goodbye to signs of fatigue and stress.

4. Hydrates and Restores: Let the mask hydrate and restore while you enjoy a good night's sleep.

5. Suitable for All Skin Types: A versatile solution for everyone!

Get the Skin Recovering Silk Sleep Mask - Charcoal now and discover the secrets of a soothing night and rejuvenated skin.

Don't let sleep issues take a toll on your skin any longer - choose the Skin Recovering Silk Sleep Mask and wake up with a fresh and radiant complexion!

/Nourished/ Sleepmask

Skin recovering Silk charcoal Sleep Mask

€29.00 € 34,85

Experience Heavenly Sleep with Dore & Rose Skin-Recovering Silk Sleep Mask!

Fall asleep like a baby and enjoy a night of tranquility with this soft, breathable, and lightly blocking Skin-Recovering Silk Sleep Mask from Dore & Rose.

Why choose this silk sleep mask?

- Anti-Aging Benefits: Combat skin aging while you sleep, reduce wrinkles, and wake up with a youthful appearance.

- Pure Silk: Made from 22 Momme mulberry silk, the highest quality silk for your ultimate comfort.

- Ethically Certified: Oeko-Tex® certified for responsible production.

- Animal Friendly: Not tested on animals.

- Natural Antibacterial Action: With Silvon® silver ion technology, eliminates 99.7% of all bacteria and reduces acne, pimples, and irritated skin.

- Breathable Fabric: Maintains a cool temperature while you sleep.

- Versatile Benefits: Fights dry skin, retains hydration, and prevents acne.

What makes Dore & Rose unique:

- Patented Technology: Silvon® Silver Ion Technology for natural antibacterial action.

- 100% Mulberry Silk: Pure natural comfort for the best night's sleep.

- Backed By Science: Scientifically supported for optimal results.

Everything you need to know:

- Treatment: Antibacterial silver ion treatment.

- Material: 22 Momme mulberry silk.

- Ethical Certificate: Oeko-Tex®.

- Animal Tested: No.

- Added Artificial Substances: None.

- Packaging: Each mask is individually packaged and comes in its own box.

Dore & Rose. 100% Mulberry Silk. Silvon® Silver Ion Technology. Made By Nature. Backed By Science.

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